New Horse Trekking Adventures!

New Horse Trekking Adventures!

Spring is doing its thing, and as temperatures start to creep up again we are so excited for seasonal changes at Blue Mountain Station.

Our sights are set on lambing which will be underway in a few weeks and it seems a real shame to us to have it all to ourselves, so we are launching the Lambing Beat Horse Trek (plus a few other horse trek packages) to bring you in for the ride. This horseback high country adventure will put you right into the heart of the action as you trek along the Station's trails, casting a watchful eye over the flock. What better way to spend a spring weekend than cowboying around in the high country?

To make your adventuring as easy as possible this package is all inclusive - horse hire, food, accommodation and Station access are all covered by the package price. All you need is a good pair of riding boots - we can provide a helmet if you don't have your own. 

We will be running the Lambing Beat on the following dates:


Friday 20th October - Sunday 22nd October
Friday 27th October - Sunday 29th October
Friday 10th November - Sunday 12th November
Friday 24th November - Sunday 26th November
Friday 15th December - Sunday 17th December

You can book your adventure here, and please feel free to email us with questions! These will be run in small groups of 4 maximum so you will have plenty of opportunities to hone your high-country riding skills and get to know your fellow riders along the way. 

Outside of the lambing season - from January onwards - we will be running this same adventure package, however it is advertised as the Pack Track Horse Trek. This will also be a two night adventure with hut accommodation and wholesome food included. If you are feeling extra adventurous you can book a Premium Pack Track Horse Trek package. This gives you an extra night on the Station spent in the luxury lakeside Blue Mountain Lake Lodge, with your final day spend swimming at the lake with the horses and enjoying a fire-side dinner beneath the stars. The dates for our Premium Pack Track Horse Trek are below:

Tuesday 16th January - Friday 19th January
Monday 22nd January - Thursday 25th January
Friday 26th January - Sunday 28th January
Monday 29th January - Thursday 1st February
We look forward to welcoming horse riders to Blue Mountain Station! If you have any queries about booking or want further details on the horse trek packages please do email us or give us a call  03-685 4844 . 
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