Blue Mountain Station is a fully operational Merino station. Our shepherds and stock are frequently moving around the farm. We love to have visitors but we must be able to continue the day to day running of the station. We ask anyone staying at the Cook Shop to keep us up to date with their daily plans so that we can avoid clashes between farming activities and visitors.

All groups must carry a Personal Locator Beacon or Emergency Locator Beacon whilst exploring the farm. Please bring your own or hire one of ours for free. Download NZ TOPO South Island App on your phone before arriving.

For safety reasons we must know where people are on the farm. We may ask guests to avoid certain areas of the farm on any day. We may also restrict vehicle movements around the farm due to the weather.

On Farm Rules

  • 30km Speed limit through the entire farm. Please be extra careful when coming through our main yards & buildings. Many kids, dogs, farm workers and stock will be moving around near our homes.
  • Please securely lock every gate that you go through with the latch or chain. Please do not hook gate latches to the fence wires
  • Sheep, cows with calves and bulls, please take the upmost care when near stock and avoid them if possible.
  • Do not enter any farm buildings or work areas.
  • Stock with be moved around at anytime with shepherds and large teams of dogs. Please stay well away from the animals as they come through.
  • There are many rock slips, creeks, rivers, fences, bluffs, uneven surfaces, slippery tracks, wildlife, poisonous native plants around the farm.
  • We are often riding around the farm with other visitors/horse riders please be mindful when passing. 
  • No dogs are allowed on to the property.
  • Strictly no hunting without permission. We may have several other hunters, stock movements or visitors on the farm on any day. 
  • There is no cell phone coverage on the station.
  • Never leave children unattended!!