The Blue Mountain Story

Roddy Brown 

Owner of Blue Mountain Station

Roddy originates from the high country at the top of the Rakaia and has always had a passion for high country farming. He purchased Blue Mountain Station from the Buick Family in 2003. Since then Roddy has converted the property in a 100% Merino Sheep and Angus Beef cattle operation. 

The station is made up of mostly traditionally run tussock country with a small  handful of grass paddocks around the main homestead area. Over the years, Roddy has divided up the station into many new blocks, which has helped with grazing efficiency and improved the natural landscape by allowing the hills to recover for long periods of time. 

Roddy is very passionate about wool and producing high quality Merino fibres. If you ever want to know anything about Blue Mountain wool, he is the man to talk to! Roddy works mostly 'behind the scenes' running the Merino operation. He is usually out on farm mustering or working with his bull dozer!


Lauren Spicer 

Host of Blue Mountain Station

Lauren came to New Zealand in 2014 for her OE from the UK. Lauren and Roddy met and she never went back! She joined the team at Blue Mountain Station in 2017. Lauren has developed the tourism operation at Blue Mountain Station. She is the owner/operator of the tourism business and the main host. 

When you visit Blue Mountain, Lauren will be doing all your host chats and answering any questions you have about the farm or tracks. If she isn't hosting guests then you can usually find her in the kitchen cooking, tending to her horses or out on the hill with Roddy.