Blue Mountain Station is in a remote area with no cell phone reception. The station is 9,500ha with 200km of Marked Trails, lots of room to explore.
To ensure the safety of our visitors we require all groups to carry at least one Personal Locator Beacon, Emergency Locator Beacon or ePERB per group. Please ensure you bring your own PLB or hire one from us for free!
If you do not own your own PBL hire one of ours for free. We use SPOT Gen 3 Personal Locator Beacons with Trackers to keep our guest safe. They are easy to use and come with full instructions. All of our PLB are fully charged, serviced and ready to be used everyday. 
Why do you need a PLB?
Blue Mountain Station is a large and relatively remote station. There is little to no cell phone reception here. Our SPOT Trackers, send a signal out every 10 minutes to let us know where you are. If you get lost these trackers make you easier to find. 
Not only do our SPOT Get 3 track your where about but they are also connected directly to the emergency services. If there is an unfortunate mishap then contacting the help you need is quick and easy. 
When do I need to use a PLB?
PLB are used to connect to the emergency services as quickly as possible, while in an emergency situation. Such as a person that has been knocked unconscious or a broken bone etc. 
How do I use a PLB?
Lauren will instruct you on how to use the PLB when you arrive at the station. If you would like to familiarise yourself with the SPOT Gen 3 Trackers, please follow the link below for more information.