What time of year are you open?

We are open to visitors from November to the end of August. September/October we are shut for lambing. The station and tracks maybe closed at anytime of year depending on the weather. Booking is essential, please contact us before arriving.

Can I bring my dog?

We do not allow dogs on the property at any time of year. We know how hard it can be to leave your four legged best friend at home but we are a fully operational farm with large number of stock that are spread throughout the station all year round. Even the best behaved dogs still have natural instincts to chase livestock. This is one of the many, many reasons that we cannot have dogs on the property. The Blue Mountain Conservation Area has No Dog Policy enforced by DOC.

Can I bring my horse?

YES! This station is the perfect place to explore by horseback. Horse riders can come for a day ride, stay in the Cook Shop or one of the huts.

Can I drive or bike around the station?

We do allow visitors to explore the station. 4x4 vehicles and booking is essential.

Can I hunt on the station?

Blue Mountain Station is a privately owned station. We allow guided hunts through a local guiding company called Real Kiwi Hunting Ltd. Please contact them for booking. We do allow access to the Blue Mountain Conservation Area via our private track at the rate of $50 per vehicle. Please Note - The Blue Mountain Conservation Area has No Dog Policy enforced by DOC.

When will the Lake be open?

We are opening summer 2021!