Horse Riders

Blue Mountain has a large number of huts that make great places to stop along your trek. Several mountain ranges can be seen throughout the property including the Fox Peak Range, the Ben McCloud ranges and Four Peaks. The entire Canterbury plains all the way to the Port Hills can be seen from 'The Hat', and all of this fantastic terrain is accessible by horse. 

Bring-Your-Own Horses Information


Bring-Your-Own Horses Information

Please go to your chosen accommodation in the menu above, select dates and add on the Extra BYO Horses. Select how many horses you are bringing. There is a flat rate charge per horse to cover yard fees, track & trail access. 

Please note - Basin Hut Riders must be here and ready to ride before 4pm for gear to be taken to the hut and have enough time to ride there. It is at least a two hour ride.

What You Need To Know

Rider/Horse Abilities 

Blue Mountain is a large station, all the trails are at least 20 km -40km long and take several hours. The longest loop is 40km + of challenging track terrain. We now have an option to break up your rides, making them small. Please look at the bottom of the page for more information about the Pony Express.

Horse riders must be experienced trekking in remote farm country and capable of long hours in the saddle. Your horses will need to be fit as the trails mostly follow vehicle tracks that are on hilly country. This is not suitable for children. Everyone must carry a Personal Locator Beacon when exploring the property. They are available to hire for FREE in extras.

Float Parking 

There is ample float parking just past the Wool Shed. Follow the driveway and it'll bring you straight to the Wool Shed. Park just past the Wool Shed. There is a large grassy area. Feel free to go and unload your horses and get them settled before you check in. Everywhere is sign posted.

Shod or barefoot? 

We keep at least fronts on our stock horses as the ground can be very rocky in places. Barefoot horses are very welcome as you can walk around most rocky spots. Please be warned there are many rocky creek crosses throughout the station.


There is grass in the yards but there’s no guarantee there will be enough for your horse. Please bring enough feed for your horses for the duration of your stay. We do have conventional bales of hay available to buy, please add this extra when you are booking your accommodation.

This year we have installed simple water troughs in a few paddocks by the Cook Shop. There is a creek by the Basin Hut Yards - remember to bring a bucket.

Veterinary Kit


There are several small paddocks in the sheep yards by the Basin Hut and the Cook Shop. The paddocks are sign posted and right next to float parking. If we are using the sheep yards any visiting horses maybe moved over one paddock to allow us access, if we cannot work around them.

Clean up after your horse 

There is a wheel barrow and shovel, please keep the area around the Cook Shop clean and tidy. Please poo pick the paddocks after you use them.

Blue Mountain Station Horses 

We are passionate horse people. We have a herd of station hacks, stallions/colts, broodmares and young horses. Do not enter paddocks that our horses are in and do not let your horses interact with ours over the fence. We will let you know where they are when you arrive. Blue Mountain horses will never be put in the same paddocks as the marked trails. We do not hire out our horses to visitors. 

Absolute Human Essentials - What You Need To Bring 

Warm clothing for all seasons, the weather can turn fast here. Rain coat & base layers are a must. Long sleeve, short sleeve tops, jumper, extra socks & gloves

Water Bottle or Bladder

Food - it’s a long way to the shops!

Basic First Aid Kit

Personal Locator Beacon or Emergancy Locator Beacon - Please bring your own or hire one of ours.

NZ Topo Map App on your phone. Download on the App Store

Good Boots

Bucket & Feed for your horse


The Pony Express (LAND ROVER DISCOVERY) is the best way to make the most out of the station experience!! If you would like to hit one of the bigger trails but don't want to do it all in one day then the Pony Express is for you.

Hit the trails and then meet your personalise ride back to your accommodation.

The Pony Express will meet you at the one of the many yards around the station when you finish your ride. We can cart water, hay, feed and rugs for your horses then take you back in the morning. This package included two trips (to pick you and take you back to your accommodation then bring you back to your horses the next day). Up to 6 people per trip! Please look for more information on our Pony Express Page. 

Price is per customer. Minimum 4 people. ($25 each)