Blue Mountain Station’s history of quality horses goes back a long time before the current owners came to the land. Nix Buick, the original owner of Blue Mountain, was a highly respected horseman. He bred quality horses on this station for many years. In 2003, when Roddy Brown took over the station, he recognized that the Blue Mountain Horses made excellent hacks. A handful of original Blue Mountain horses made their way back to the station over the years. Since then, Lauren Brown has used these excellent proven lines and developed a breeding program to provide horses for the station and to the public. Scroll down to find links to pages about our stallion, broodmares, re-trained race horses and horses for sale.

The Blue Mountain Station Horse Stud has 3 simple goals:
1) Quality horses for every purpose
2) Excellent temperament and trainability
3) Solid working horse conformation
We fundamentally believe in producing a horse with outstanding temperament and versatility.  We endeavour to provide quality station hacks that can turn their hoof to anything such as hunting, jumping, trekking, showing etc. We ensure our horses are raised on the hill, handled with care and trained by experts. Our goal is to breed horses that are sound in mind and conformation. Ranging from 15hh to 16hh making them suitable for anyone to enjoy.

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