Battle of the Pines

Battle of the Pines

Blue Mountain Station, Environment Canterbury and Harmer Earth Moving have teamed up to tackle the wilding pines on the station and along the Orari River. 

Invasive pines were introduced to Aotearoa in the 1800's. Since then a wide variety of species have been planted across the whole country. A large number  pines have been planted around the main Blue Mountain Homestead over the years as the station has been developed.

As of 2021, these trees are either fully mature or over mature ready to be harvested. E-Can has been busy removing the wilding pines from around the local area. We decided to join the fight by removing all the pine plantations, laneways and wind breaks across the farm to prevent them for spreading. 

Harmer Earth Moving has been doing the major works and has done an amazing job so far. Over 90% of the trees have now been removed. The rest of the pines will be taken down in the summer, when the ground has dried. 

We have always been very passionate about keeping Blue Mountain Station free of invasive weeds. Every year, the team tackles any broom, gorse or wilding pines that pop up. By removing the plantations as well, we are reducing the risk of spreading wilding pines across Blue Mountain as well as the surrounding farms. 

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