Blue Mountain Station is a privately owned 9500ha station in the Four Peaks Range.

Unguided Hunting

If you would like to hunt Blue Mountain Station, you must book Blue Mountain Lake Lodge Accomadation and add hunting as an extra. We offer a per day rate at $250 per day this includes  small game hunting (pigs, wallabies, possums, hares and rabbits unlimited numbers and 1 meat animal per visit. (Meat animals included one hind, weanling, spiker or one Fallow hind, weanling or spiker - Extra meat animals are charges at $250 per animal). 
Strictly no dogs allowed. Trophy fees apply to all stags older than two years old, tahr and chamois. Gun licences must be provided on arrival. All hunters must carry a Blue Mountain Station PLB & tracking system. T&C apply. Entire animal carry out required once gutted.

Stag Prices 

4 points to 9 Points and Under - $750

10 to 11 Points - $1000

12 Points to 13 Points - $1500

14 Points to 15 Points - $2000

16 Points to 17 Points - $3000

17 Point to 18 Points - $3500

19 Points + POA

Fallow Buck

$250 per Young Buck

$1000 per Mature Buck


Nanny - $1000

Bull under 11 inches - $1500

Bull over 11 inches - $2000


Does - $1000

Bucks under 8 inches - $1500

Buckes over 8 inches - $2000

Guided Hunting

We allow guided private land hunting in conjunction with the local guiding company Real Kiwi Hunting Ltd. 
If you would like to hunt on Blue Mountain Station please contact Mike and Maddie from Real Kiwi Hunting Ltd directly for booking. 
Real Kiwi Hunting Ltd Information
• Professional hunting outfitter
• Specialising in free-range big game
• Located in the South Island, NZ
• 100% shot opportunity
• NZPHGA member
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Instagram - realkiwihuntingltd
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Phone number - 027 506 7316