Meet The Horses



At 16 years old, Clyde is a reliable member of the Blue Mountain Station mustering team and a kind horse for a less experienced rider. In his time he has traversed the Station's grazing blocks countless times, bringing shepherds home safe and sound at the end of the day. 


Gerty is 11 years old and a distinctive character among the Blue Mountain herd. She is a beautiful horse with a kind nature, and has served us incredibly well during her time at the Station. This strong steed puts in the mahi and is always a pleasure to hang out with.


Old man Coke is the eldest hack in the paddock at a respectable 20 years. Though he may fool you with his slow plodding pace he is still capable of long days out on the hill mustering in cattle and can switch up a gear if needed.


Our Bob is a funny boy and quick on his feet. He is 17 years old and often likes to be at the front of the charge when out hacking on the Station trails.