The Andrew’s Hut - 38.5 km
Green Track
The Andrew’s Hut Loop is a great way to explore the station. It takes you right through the centre of Blue Mountain past the historical Andrew’s Hut, then loops around native country before bringing you back home. It is 38.5km over relatively easy country with only one bigger climb out (450m to 819m). The Andrew’s Hut is a great place to stop and have lunch - it is full of history and was used regularly by Blue Mountain shepherds until only a few years ago. 
Distance from the Basin Creek Hut - 21.5km
The Andrew's Hut Track Information
38.5km distance - 8 to 12 hours 
Flat, rolling & steep climbs
All on well marked vehicle tracks
A very good level of fitness is required to tackle this track
Lots of fresh creeks to stop for water
Highlights - Andrew’s Hut - Native Bush