The Hat - 42 km
The Hat Loop is the longest trail on the property but by far the most rewarding. This awesome trail has everything that Blue Mountain has to offer; from native bush to open tussock country, the amazing upper Orari River and stunning views across the Canterbury Plains to the Port Hills. There are also three historical huts along the way, so plenty to explore!
Perfect for Endurance Riders & All Terrain Runners
At 42km this track is perfect for marathon or coast to coast training. It has a wide variety of hills and flat country. The steepest climb is to the top of Mount Frances, which is 1000 meters above seas level.
The Hat Track Information
  • 42km distance - 8 to 12 hours
  • Flat, rolling & very steep climbs. 
  • All on well marked vehicle tracks
  • An excellent level of fitness is required to tackle this track
  • Lots of fresh creeks to stop for water.
  • Highlights - Amazing views - 3 x historical huts