Blue Mountain's Babies

Blue Mountain's Babies

July has been a busy month on the Station, and with more babies due in the next few weeks it is set to get busier!

At the start of the month 11 magpie ducklings hatched and have grown enormously every day since. Since their arrival we have hatched out a handful of orpington chicks and some Japanese quails too. The incubator is still cranking with 2 trays full of chicken eggs still to go, a mixture of orpington's from the Station's flock and some cobb eggs that will produce some meat birds to feed the farm crew when they are old enough. 

The quail chicks were a particularly exciting arrival as they are the first to have been hatched out at the Station. We can't get over how small they are, but so strong in their heated outdoor pen! Quails can start to lay eggs at 6 weeks old and are supposedly very productive, so we can't wait to start incorporating quail eggs into our homestead recipes. 

It's not just birds that are arriving at the Station - Biddie, one of our heading dogs, recently gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies. The litter is a decent size for Biddie but all of them are doing well and Biddie is doing an amazing job as mum. The pups don't stop there - Boogie is due to pup in the next couple of weeks too! 

To keep up to date with the new arrivals here at Blue Mountain Station give us a follow on Instagram, this is where we post the most frequent updates. Our handle is @bluemountainstationnz, or find our account by clicking here.

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