Unusual Visitor at Blue Mountain Lake

Unusual Visitor at Blue Mountain Lake

A very usual and never-seen-before bird arrived at the lake this week. A young Australian Black Swan crash landed a few days ago. It is making itself quite at home. Black swans are not common in our area and we have never seen one at the lake before. This beautiful bird is very young, only 5-6 months old, at this age they cannot fly very far. Which makes the sighting even more usual. We are hoping that this teenager will rest up and catch up with some of it's own kind soon.


Black Swans were first introduces from Victoria, Australia in the 1860s. New Zealand fossil and archaeological record showed that once there was a true NZ Black Swan. It was assumed they were the same bird but we now know that is not correct. NZ Black Swans lived 1 to 2 million years ago. They were much larger and heavy. It is thought that they could not fly. 

Black Australian Swan

An Upper Orari River Oasis.. 


This Australian Black Swan isn’t the only bird that flocks to the lake (pun intended). Blue Mountain Lake has been an oasis for many species of flora and fauna since it was established in the 1960s. The lake supplies a drought safe environment, a guaranteed water source in the hot summers, breeding grounds in the spring and shelter from winter storms. 


Native species of birds can be seen regularly at the lake include.. Kawau (Blacks Shag), Faced Heron, Kahu (Swamp Harrier), Karearea (NZ Falcon), Paradise Shelduck, Tōrea (South Island Pied Oystercatcher),  Tutriwhatu (Banded Dotterel), Grey Teal, New Zealand Scaup plus many other native species. 


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