Important Information

All visitors must read and sign a waiver induction on entry to the station. Terms and Conditions may vary and may be updated at any time up to date of arrival. Please sign in at the main office.

PLEASE NOTE - Google Maps says that it takes 1.15 hours to get to Blue Mountain Station from Fairlie but it does not. It is a short 30 minute drive. 

This area is remote, 30 minutes from the closest town. The entire site is designed off-the-grid, with power supplied by a diesel generator. There is WIFI and a landline, there is NO cell phone reception on the station. A Personal Locator Beacon or EPIRB will be on site for emergencies. Please be aware of this.


Bring-Your-Own LIFE JACKETS. No life jackets are provided by Blue Mountain Station Ltd or Blue Mountain Lake Ltd. Suitable life jackets for all water users must be provided by purchaser. Children must wear life jackets when in or on the water.

Access to any other part of Blue Mountain Station outside of Blue Mountain Lake boundary is strictly forbidden. There is a zero tolerance policy on fishing and hunting at Blue Mountain Lake or Blue Mountain Station. No guns, fishing or hunting equipment are permitted on to the property unless a hunting package is arranged prior to arriving. Hunting packages can be found under the 'Hunting' tab within 'Packages' in the menu.


River Crossing & Flooding Information - The Lake is accessible by 4x4 Vehicle ACCESS ONLY. River crossing experience is needed before booking. By booking you are accepting all responsibility for crossing and admitting competency and ability to safely cross the river unassisted. You are also stating you have a suitable vehicle to cross the river. To get to the lake you must cross the Orari River (a small braided river). 

All children must be supervised AT ALL TIMES. All children must be supervised around bodies of water. NO swimming in rivers.


Check in & Check Out 

Check is from 2pm on the first selected date. 

Check out is 10am the morning after your last date.

Example - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Selected

Check in is from 2pm Thursday 

Check out is by 10 am Monday morning.


Free Range Hunting Package

If you would like to hunt Blue Mountain Station, you must book Blue Mountain Lake Lodge Accommodation and add hunting as an extra. We offer a per day rate at $250 per day this includes small game hunting (pigs, wallabies, possums, hares and rabbits unlimited numbers and 1 meat animal per visit. 

(Meat animals included one hind, weanling, spiker or one Fallow hind, weanling or spiker - Extra meat animals are charged at $250 per animal). 

Strictly no dogs allowed. Trophy fees apply to all stags older than two years old, tahr and chamois. Gun licences must be provided on arrival. All hunters must carry a Blue Mountain Station PLB & tracking system. Entire animal carry out required once gutted. T&C apply. Trophy fees apply. For more information please check out the Hunting Price List.



BYO HORSE OPTIONS - Main Base Overnight Yards, Float Parking & Gear Cartage

Option 1 - Take your float to the lake yourself (One off charge of $25 per horse)

There is a big shady carpark at the lake. To get there you must pull your float over the Orari River. (A small braided river) Anyone crossing the Orari must have a 4x4 vehicle. 


Option 2 - Park & get your gear carted for you (One off charge of $35 per horse)

Park your float in the main float car park by the Blue Mountain Wool Shed and ride to Blue Lake, it is an easy 5km ride. We will pick up your gear and take it to the lake for you. This is a great option for anyone that doesn't want to drive their vehicle and float over the Orari.


Option 3 - Overnight your horse at the main yard (One off charge of $25 per horse)

If you would like to ride across the farm for most of your stay at Blue Lake, you are welcome to overnight your horses at the yards closer to home. This gives better access to the Marked Trails. Riding to the most of the trails from Blue Lake adds on another 10km to the full distance. (5km to the main homestead and back)

Refer to the maps in the photos above for more information.


By booking, you are accepting Blue Mountain Station Ltd & Blue Mountain Lake Ltd terms and conditions and agree to be legally bound by it.