Our Horse Trek packages at Blue Mountain Station offer the ultimate high-country adventure for experienced horse riders. If you have booked on to one of these and are now looking for some more information on exactly what to expect from your holiday, then read on. If you haven't yet booked you can find a daily break-down of each adventure by clicking the package names below: 

The Cattle Muster

The Lambing Beat

The Pack and Track Horse Trek

The Premium Pack and Track Horse Trek 

For each of these packages we will provide:

  • horse hire
  • meals as specified on the booking page 
  • accommodation & bedding
  • access to the Station's trails
  • experienced guides
  • riding helmet if needed 


  • a good pair of riding boots (must have a heel) 
  • a decent waterproof coat
  • extra snacks
  • a water bottle
  • clothes for the duration of your trip, particularly warm layers for the evening
  • riding helmet (if you have one) 
  • personal toiletries 

These trips are entirely based outdoors and will be big days on horseback so make sure that you have prepared to be comfortable. Gear will be carted to each accommodation ahead of our arrival on horse-back, please ensure that you have packed your bags so that items are not going to fall out en-route. Cameras are optional and encouraged so that you can capture your adventure. We advise that you have a neck strap and a travel case for your camera so that it can be stored and carried in a way that is compatible with riding a horse at the same time. 

While we will be on horseback we ask that you are prepared for getting around on foot too. This involves making sure your fitness is adequate for walking uphill and around the bush in the high country. 

Arrival times will be sent to you after booking along with some other information about your trip. Any further questions can be directed to bookings@bluemountainstation.co.nz or give us a call 03-685 4844 . 


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